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This Atlanta Paint Night Is Admiring Black Men In Their Rarest Form

As a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Jasmine Strickland witnessed first-hand the lack of African American representation in many of her life drawing classes. Not being able to remember a time when she painted a black model, the illustrator and graphic designer decided to take the generic sip-and-paint night and give it a bit of a twist, cultivating the now popular Atlanta event, Booze and Nudes.

The event’s name has generated a lot of curiosity and has gained the attention of women of all ages and ethnicities in the surrounding Georgia area. With three sold-out events a night, the Booze and Nudes crew sees roughly 150 people who come out to celebrate birthdays or an entertaining girl’s night.

Life drawing classes are relatively new to some attendees. Strickland describes a typical night with the first 10 to 20 minutes consisting of people adjusting to being in a room with a naked man. “There’s, of course, a lot of giggling and photographs being taken,” she says.

When asked where Booze and Nudes cast their models Jasmine explains that many of them she knows, while others are referrals, “We have a very tight network and are extremely picky.” So, if you’re looking to be a model for an upcoming event know that there are a few requirements before you submit your application: All models are hand-picked and are required to be at least 6 feet tall with a slim to athletic build.

“I try to get variations of skin tones and features, but everyone seems to take to the darker models…I try to give people what they want.”

As the Booze and Nudes enterprise grows, so does its list of competitors. The brand has seen many groups try to imitate their style but haven’t been successful at capturing its authenticity. Jasmine isn’t here for the copycats and uses her experience to stay ahead of them all, “I have been an entrepreneur for years, so I am constantly two steps ahead, legally and creatively.”

The fun-filled night was created with the woman in mind — for her to be able to explore the man’s body with just her eyes, a paint brush, and canvas. Men are welcome to attend, but there will in no way be a female model showing up to Booze and Nudes anytime soon, “I personally feel that the purpose of the class will be tainted and turned into something that is more sexual than it is intended to be,” Strickland reveals.

Just like any life drawing class, there are rules to paint these well-oiled beings: Each model comes up with their own rules. According to Jasmine, each model is very open-minded and wants to make sure everyone is having a good time. It’s not just the attendees that have rules; the models do too. Aware of Booze and Nudes fastly growing social media presence, models must be comfortable with having their photos and videos taken and uploaded onto platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Jasmine Strickland’s goal with Booze and Nudes is to create an event that pushes the African American culture forward by allowing people within the community to experience various parts of the artistic experience in new and exciting ways. Since its first sold-out event in November 2017, the spicy sip-and-paint night has garnered more attention than expected.

“I’ve had a tremendous amount of vendor requests from very reputable brands approach me, as well as event collaborations and franchise opportunities,” but Jasmine, like any creator, is nurturing her baby to its fullest positional, “This is still a very new concept for many people including me, and I am simply trying to make the best decision for the Booze and Nudes brand.”

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Since its debut, the Booze and Nudes brand has been in high demand by many eager painters to visit cities across the nation. Jasmine and her team are working hard to bring the event to 18 cities this year including, New Orleans, Brooklyn, Baltimore, Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston. Booze and Nudes hits the road on March 9th with its first tour stop being in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Be sure to grab your tickets (they will go fast!) and support this new artistic approach to capturing the black man’s anatomy.  

For an in-depth B&N experience, be sure to read Booze And Nudes: I Took A Sip & Paint Class Full Of Naked Men -This Is What Happened over at XoNecole.

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