Malikka Michelle | Milk and Eggs Food Art Installation

Milk and Eggs Food Art Installation Was The Cherry On Top Of My Sunday

I hadn’t been to an art exhibit in what felt like an eternity. I had been itching to get to experience new art and had been pestering my boyfriend about going to a local museum for weeks when I received the invite to attend Milk and Eggs Food Art Installation. This was way better than I expected — food and art?! I couldn’t have been happier.

It was my first time attending an event in the Arts District and I didn’t know exactly what to expect.  I may have illegally parked, but I didn’t care, I was ready to fill my eyes and belly with delicious eats and art.

Upon walking in I was given a small yellow gift bag with Vegan Jerky tucked inside. Immediately after, I was met with the line forming for one of Barlingual’s complimentary cocktails. I didn’t wait around then, but I did circle back to get a taste of their refreshing cocktail made up of mint leaves, gin, mango juice, grenadine, and tons of ice.

I hadn’t heard of Milk and Eggs before but here’s what I dug up about the company that has now won me over: Milk and Eggs is a farm grocery delivery service based in Los Angeles. Their goal is to connect good people with the best foods once or through a monthly subscription. Customers can select milk, eggs, dairy, meats, vegetables, and fruits on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Delivery is FREE. Let me say that again, delivery is FREE!  (I’m a bit fan of free by the way.) All vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs, and meats will be the freshest available and are locally acquired. All of their products are sourced from local growers or aggregators.

Back to the installation — there were Instagrammable moments everywhere. From yellow backdrops with handing balloons to a gigantic balloon showcasing the Milk and Eggs logo, the event was put together pretty well. I snapped a few photos with my new cow friends and felt like Alice In Wonderland posing with oversized silverware.  I chowed down on delicious bites of organic fried chicken and even lent my taste buds to vegan cuisine. I ate ravioli, tacos, and washed it all down with a fresh iced coffee.

I’ll be adding Milk and Eggs to my birthday wish list. Having a service to assist in cutting down the time spent in cold grocery stores with homegrown products definitely has my heart. Sign me up!

Milk and Eggs Art Installation | Malikka Michelle

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